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Real Estate Inspections for BOTH Commercial & Residential Properties!!!


Bugs, Insects, Ants, Spiders, or Wasps?

Our technicians will investigate your property for any termite problems and prepare your FREE

no-obligation estimate.

Once you hire the pros at Lawrence Termite & Pest Control, we make sure your property is protected

from termites AND our one year renewable contract covers any repairs needed due to termite damage 

for up to $2 million dollars!!!

We provide many optional services such as termite pre-treatment for both remodeling projects and new home and business construction using an environmentally friendly Boric Acid solution.

Spring Brings More Than Beautiful Weather and Flowers!

Their nests can cause damage in & around your home or business with very few signs of activity. In fact, US homeowners spend over $1 billion each year to control or repair termite damage!

We recommend you call NOW not just

during termite swarm season!!!


With our help you’ll be rid of pesky bugs and insects, fleas, roaches, crickets, silver fish, mice, rats, spiders, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, rodents, ants - yes even fire ants with our Expanded Fire Ant Control.

 Get started today with a FREE estimate.

At Lawrence, our trained technicians will perform a professional inspection, assess your pest problems, and prepare your  FREE estimate.

Don't Surrender to

Those Annoying Pests!!!

Don’t surrender!

Call in the reinforcements!!!

"The Bug Stops Here!" 

“I am so impressed! One treatment and my wood boring bees are gone! Thank you Lawrence Pest Control!” BP, Hot Springs

“When I needed a quick estimate, Lawrence Termite & Pest Control took care of me and provided excellent service. I trust them to handle my pest control and highly recommend them to everyone.” AH, Texarkana